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How Breathwork saved my life?

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How Breathwork saved my life? 

This title might sound like an exaggeration. However, depending on the perspective I can guarantee you that if it wasn’t for my breathwork or pranayama practice, my life nowadays would be a complete mess.

I found pranayama 11 years ago, almost by “accident”. Back then, I was working in the Corporate World, immersed in the rat race, and screaming for a way out. Alcohol and weed were my daily medication for the pain I was feeling inside. I was deeply unsatisfied, I was questioning every aspect of my life. I couldn’t believe that that was it. Working 10-12 hours per day, go home, self-medicate and repeat the same the next day.

Thankfully, I had an inner guide that took me into spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, and alternative healings. This other side of my life kept me floating for a little while. I knew that I had to change. I tried quitting my job but didn’t dare to go through it and the pain kept on growing.

Until I took 1 month off and travel to Thailand to Samahita Retreat and my life changed forever. I had signed in for a Pranayama advance training for teachers. I don’t even know how I got accepted. But, it was the perfect place for me to be.

Not only I learned pranayama and breathwork, but I met on that trip my future wife, future business partner and future godmother of my first child. It was a life-changing experience. One that I will be forever grateful. I know something else than my rational mind guided me there.

After learning the practice from my teacher Paul Dallaghan, I was hooked. My whole life perspective changed. Mainly what changed was my mind and the flow of thoughts in it. It was quiet for the first time. There was space between thoughts. I could slow down. I could separate myself from the surrounding circumstances. It was magical!

Paul Dallaghan
Paul Dallaghan Teaching Pranayama at Samahita Retreat

I continue practicing and learning more throughout the years. I also slipped out of the practice a few times. When I have stopped, I could notice what was missing. I became more anxious, more stressed, irritable, prompted to addictions, not such a nice person to be around.

As soon as I took back the practice, the peace came back.

You see! When you have a practice, like pranayama or breathwork is for me, you can rest assured, that you will always have your life jacket on you. No matter what life throughs at you you will navigate through it. It is the best gift you can give yourself.

Breathwork practice
My daily breathwork practice is my life savior!

The other amazing impact that a breathwork practice has over your life is the ability to impact every area of your life. By having a calmer mind you can make different choices, better choices.

Life is made of one choice at a time…

You choose what to eat, what to say, with whom you spent time with, what kind of work you do, how you react to your kids, friends or family. We choose everything!

The thing is that most of the time we choose unconsciously, automatically, without considering that we might even have a different option. Easily we follow other people’s paths, advice or the social norm. Instead of being the own director of our life and choosing how our Life Movie will look like.

This is the power of breathwork for me. It’s not the only way. There are many other practices out there that can give you the same power. The power of choosing your thoughts. Therefore, the power of choosing your own life.

If it interests you to learn breathwork or pranayama and you have the possibility to visit Thailand, please check Samahita Retreat and Paul Dallaghan workshops. It is a life-changing experience.

If you can’t travel to Thailand but are still interested in starting a breathwork practice and change your Lifestyle for good, please contact me and book a FREE 15 min session so I can help you get started on your journey.

Wishing you a life of health, happiness, and joy!


Yoga on the beach

How to implement Healthy Habits?

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How to implement Healthy Habits?

No matter where you are in your journey, we all can do better towards our health and self. That is how life works, we are constantly improving and expanding!

Maybe it’s improving your diet, or exercising more often, or adding daily mindfulness and meditation practices. Whatever it is, everything comes down to create and implement a new habit.

If you are human, you probably have struggled in the past to change or add healthy habits, as I have. So, here are some tips that have worked for me to start a new habit easier and more effectively:

Become crystal clear Why you want to do it:

No matter what we are trying to change or add in our life, we need to have a clear reason Why!

Usually, we face a point where our inside voice screams for change. And that is the moment to pick up the phone and listen! When you do, ask yourself, why do you want to change? Why do you want to add this new habit in your life? How does your life will improve by making this change? How will you become a better person by adding this new habit in your life?

It’s important that you get clear answers to these questions. They will be your reminders and motivation to stick to your new habit. So, don’t be afraid and go deep in your answers. Think about your long-term health, think about the love ones around you, think about the impact in every area of your life…

Get an accountability team, partner or coach:

We are social creatures and it’s proven that we stick to our promises much better when we have spoken to others about it. When implementing a new Healthy Habit in your life, make sure you share it with friends and family around you. Let them know how important this change is for you and explain your reasons Why you are doing it.

If you feel that you need extra help to stay on track look for a coach. If you have tried many times unsuccessfully to change a habit, probably you need professional help. A good coach will keep you accountable and provide you with the right tools and steps for you to achieve success.


Friends group
Find your tribe and announce your change and reasons why!

Use the 2-day rule:

When starting a new habit, for example, to exercise regularly, the 2-day rule means that you won’t be taking 2 days off exercising in a row. At least, you will do that new habit a minimum of every other day. This way you will keep the momentum of the new habit and before you know it, it will feel better to do it than not to.

It is a big commitment! Remember your Why! And because we know that life always gets in the way, you can always plan to have 1 day off your new habit, but not 2 in a row!

Set reminders (obvious and subtle ones):

Obvious reminders are the ones that you can use in your phone or notes that you can leave around your home to “remind you” to do the action needed to implement your new Healthy Habit. Or a partner or friend that can ask you daily how are you doing with your new habit.

More subtle ones are important, especially for your subconscious mind. For example, if you want to have a green smoothie every morning, leave the blender and some ingredients ready on the kitchen counter from the night before. Or if you want to drink more water during the day get a nice drinking bottle and make sure you carry it around everywhere you go. Or if you want to change your diet, start by cleaning all the unhealthy food from your kitchen and fill it with the healthy stuff you want.

Fruits and Water Bottle
Set reminders! If you see it you will do it!

By changing your environment and pre-setting yourself for success by implementing small changes related to your new habit, your mind creates positive associations to your new habit, and therefore you will start creating subconscious pathways for your future behaviors.

These are some tips that have worked for me to implement new Healthy Habits. I have to say that the most powerful one, is the first one. Becoming crystal clear Why you want to do it.

All comes down to your mindset, your character and your commitment to yourself, and to those reasons why you want to change or add a new habit.

If you need professional help to transition into new healthier habits with the proper tools and techniques so it is smooth and effective contact me.

I offer a 15 min Free session where we can discuss your goals, get a clear plan and move forward to conquer your new healthy habits. Just write at

And if you want to get weekly tips and tools about personal growth and a healthy lifestyle, sign in for my Newsletter here.

Until next time, be healthy and feel good!


Cup of Coffee

5 tips to quit Coffee and avoid withdrawal symptoms

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Maybe you are like me. Maybe you have come to realize that coffee is doing more harm than good in your life and you have decided to stop drinking it 

But maybe you are afraid of stopping because of the few times that you have gone through just a few hours without your cup of joe and you have felt horrible. So, how to even go through one day without coffee?!?

I get you! I have been there so many times. I have gone through it uncountable times. However, I have been able to quit drinking coffee successfully many many times, even though I slipped back to the old habit after a few weeks or months. 

When I look inside honestly, I have to confess that I am a coffee addict. Maybe not the most serious addiction, but anyway it’s a drug, it’s a substance that I rely on to keep me going and going. 

The result after a few months of being hooked on coffee is not pretty. I end up exhausted, close to depression and lacking enthusiasm for life. My family can notice it, it impacts my productivity, and mostly I feel like sh**t.

So, since I have quit many many times, I consider myself an expert on withdrawal symptoms when quitting drinking coffee. Also, I understand quite a few things about health and the human body.

I have come with a pretty solid strategy to avoid as much as possible the withdrawal symptoms. T

Depending on how hooked you are, the first 3 to 7 days without coffee you might feel; headaches, mental fog, bodily pains, sleepless nights, fever-like symptoms, moodiness, depression, etc. Quite horrible frankly…

The good news! It doesn’t have to be that way if you follow the following tips. At least it can be a bit better. And always keep the goal in mind. A sharper clearer mind and a body running on its natural energy. Feeling calmer and more at ease throughout your day and much better quality night sleep.

1. Prepare your Mind

Know what to expect. The detoxification process might last from 3 to 7 days. This is the time that the body goes through the withdrawal and starts building back to its normal producing/sourcing of energy, without relying on caffeine.

Make sure to make a plan. I prefer to do my first day without coffee on a Friday. This allows me to rest more, which you will need, during the weekend. By Monday you should be already on the better side.

Also, you will need more time and effort to nurture your body during the first 3 days. Below I will go through what you will need to provide your body with during the withdrawal time.

2. Drink Tea

When stopping coffee your body will ask like crazy for caffeine. So, a great way to “trick” the body and to cut off the caffeine intake gradually is by having tea, lots of tea if needed. I prefer starting with black tea and then as days go by change into green or white teas, which have less amount of caffeine. 

Also, this helps to not miss the comforting feeling that a cup of coffee has to start your day. I have found that tea can be even more comforting and cozy in the mornings.

Cup of tea
Enjoy your favorite cup of tea

3. Stay hydrated

Coffee is a natural diuretic, which makes the body release liquid from the body. When stopping it we might forget to drink as much water as we did when drinking coffee. Coffee usually makes us thirsty. 

Take special care to drink regularly, at least 2 liters (68 oz.) per day. You can add a pinch of good quality salt or a bit of lemon juice to increase absorption.

4. Take Rest

Your body will go through a massive transformation. It will start producing energy by itself without relying on the caffeine kick. Also, hormones like cortisol and adrenaline will decrease, so hormonal balance has to be restored.

To make the transition easier for the body make sure you have 3 days of calm easy-going life. Take naps if you need to. Plan for longer night sleeps if you feel that you need them. And just rest in general.

5. Eat high nutritious foods

When you drink coffee, lots of minerals and vitamins go to waste because of its diuretic properties. After months or years doing this, your body might be quite depleted and this has a huge impact on your health and quality of life. Therefore make sure that you have lots of nutrient-rich foods, especially green leafy vegetables.

During the first three days of quitting coffee, start your day with a green smoothie or juice. Repeat this strategy as many times during the day you feel you need it. 

Green Smoothie
My daily Green Smoothie

Avoid process foods and highly starchy and sugary foods. Having a high intake of carbohydrates while detoxing from coffee will impact the regulation of your hormones and will make your body’s work to restore balance even harder.

Here you have it! 5 amazing tips that can help you avoid (as much a possible) the withdrawal symptoms of quitting coffee. 

If you find this helpful and would like to receive more information about a healthy lifestyle, mindset and personal growth, click here and sign in for my Newsletter.

Wishing you a life filled with Health, Happiness and Wealth!