Eat what you love and lose weight

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Can you eat what you love and lose weight?

The short answer would be, Yes! But, it is not that simple 🙂 I’m going to try to make it as simple as possible for you.

Achieving and staying in your ideal weight is achievable and not too complicated if we follow the right principles. Which are:

Eat only what you need:

Without getting into complicated calorie formulas, you want to eat a bit less than what you need if you want to lose weight. This means that you must feel a bit hungry during your day. It doesn’t mean starving or depriving yourself. But it means that before each meal you must feel slightly hungry. 

If you feel way to hungry is not good either. Because then your body is in starvation mode and that triggers a bunch of other consequences that might not be helpful for your purpose of losing weight. 

Strategies that help with this principle are: 

  1. Do not snack in between meals. Set the number of meals that work for you (2 to 5) and do not eat snacks in between those meals. Be patient and wait for the next one. And if you feel a bit hungry, drink water first! Most people confuse the feeling of hunger with the feeling of thirst.
  2. Intermittent fasting. Leave 12 to 16 hours between your last meal of the day and your first meal of the next day. This helps to reset the body in many ways and also restricts your eating window which helps to reduce calorie intake. However, watch out if you are too hungry during your eating window because you might overeat more than what you need. Eat reasonable portions, the same as you might do if you wouldn’t be fasting.

Eat mostly Low Carb meals:

The low carb trend is up and running, so probably you have heard about this one. The main thing, for your purpose of losing weight, is that you must get your body to use the stored energy (fat) that is in your body. And to do that, we don’t need the extra energy in the form of Carbs from our Nutrition. 

So, What to eat?

Make your plate mostly out of protein and vegetables. Without entering too much into details, follow the plate picture below as a rule of thumb. My favorite sources of protein are eggs, chicken, meat and fish. If you feel that you need more energy, choose the cuts with more fat. 

Protein and Vegetable Meal
Your plate should look something like this

So, What about fats?

Fats are good! What?!? Yes, you heard me right! Fats are good and extremely important for our health. However, they are also extremely calorie-dense. If you want to lose weight, you cannot go crazy with them. But, please include them in your meals. It will help you to feel satisfied, with fewer cravings and with the energy that you need to go through your day. 

And Finally! What you wanted to hear!

To eat the foods that you love, apply the 80-20 rule!

To make healthy eating sustainable over time and reach your ideal weight, you must have fun along the way! 

Allow yourself to eat the foods that you love 20% of your week. I like to think about it in numbers.

Let say I eat 3 meals per day, which are 21 meals per week. It means that 20% is 4 meals per week which I can enjoy the foods that I love.

It doesn’t mean to go crazy and binge all that I have not eaten during the week. It means having a normal meal or snack of something that I enjoy or that involves a social occasion like a birthday, going out with friends, my mother’s special pasta. You get it!

Birthday Cake
You must enjoy your Birthday cake!

I believe that keeping your ideal weight is completely a mental game. You must first learn how your body works and how to eat according to your goals. Then you must believe in it, have a strong reason why to do it and have a clear plan. 

With the right mindset, the actions will come naturally, and your ideal weight as well!

This is why, in my coaching programs, mindset is the first thing that I work with my customers. If you are interested in knowing more about my programs click here and book your free 15 min session to start your journey to a healthier and happier you.

Wishing you a healthy and joyful life!