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Coronavirus: How to deal with Stress?

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Coronavirus quarantine: How to deal with Stress in times of uncertainty?

You might think I’m crazy, but I think that the times that we are living are fascinating! Yes, they are pack with stress, change of routine, uncertainty, sickness, and even death. But at the same time, it is one of the best times to GROW!

It’s almost like we were stripped of all the noise in our life. The work, the routine, the shopping, the going out, and we were taken back to basics.

For many, this can be extremely stressful, mostly because we don’t know how the future will look like. And uncertainty can be one of the trickiest feelings to shake out of our system.

So, what do we do about it? How do we deal with the stress and the uncertainty of the future?

The simple answer is we change the perspective! But in practice, I believe there are few things we can do that can help us with this.

Take advantage of the TIME:

Probably you have now more time at home and with your loved ones that you ever have had before. As a father, I never had spent this much quality time with my kids and wife. Mostly because I had been at work.

Having to be at home has given me an amazing opportunity to see my kids growing day by day. Connecting with them on a deeper level and learn from them to enjoy the moment and have fun. That is what kids do, right!

Family Hug
Enjoying my two kids during the Coronavirus quarantine

You probably also have hobbies or things to learn and do that you wished in the past you had the time for. Now you do! Get into it! Study, research, learn and in no time you will start to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Focus on Personal Growth:

Because there are fewer outside distractions this is an amazing time to discover yourself. Dive into your own feelings, dedicate time to your well-being, process the new emotions rising up, set new goals for the future. It is an incredible time to check with yourself what do you really want and what kind of life do you want to live.

Also, focusing on Personal Growth is the best way we can contribute to this global situation. By working with ourselves and becoming our best version is the only way that we will be of service for the future to come. We have to be well, strong and grounded in order to give to others.

If you need help to get clear on your goals and get the right strategies in place to achieve them please contact me and book a 15 min FREE session to talk about how can I help you to make the most out of this time.

Build a new path:

If your future income is being threatened and you don’t know if you will be able to go back to your previous job or business. This is a great moment to start a new path.

Personally, I believe that this global situation is and will keep increasing the amount of business that is done online. Everything that we can learn related to how to make a living online will be extremely helpful in the future.

Not so long ago I started this process “coincidentally”. I found a company that has an amazing educational platform and community to help others to start their Online Business.

If you are interested to learn more about it, click this link and I will send you a set of videos to learn how you can make a living online from home.

These simple but profound steps can transform your experience during this time.

And because life is a matter of perspective, I prefer to see this situation as a great time to focus on what is really important. In my case, that is my Family, Myself and my Work. This will define the impact I want to have in my world in the coming future.

I hope you find these tips inspiring and that will help you change your perspective to make the most out of this time.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and wealthy life!


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Coronavirus quarantine: What to do at Home?

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Things to do at Home while in the coronavirus quarantine

Now that we have to stay home and go through the quarantine time hoping to stop the coronavirus from spreading any further, it faces us with the next challenge.

What do we do at home with all the extra time that we have? How do we keep on living even if we can’t leave our homes? And how do we stay healthy, physically and mentally?

Here is a list of things to help you adapt your normal life to your home-based life. Also, some ideas on new things that you can try at home now that you have the time for it.

Keep a similar rhythm and routine as your normal life:

By keeping a routine you will use this time productively. There are many things I am sure you had been thinking in the past of doing at home that always got postponed because of lack of time. Well, now you have the time!

Instead of staying on the sofa the whole day, indulging on Netflix, which can be nice for one or two days, use this time productively.

Have a daily schedule, keep waking up at your normal time, don’t skip meals, schedule time for work, time for exercise and time for relaxation. This way your day will go by faster and you feel that you have accomplished something.

This also helps to distract yourself from the news and focus on your life and your love ones. This has a bigger impact on health that you can imagine. By feeling positive, empowered and productive your immune system gets stronger. Negative thoughts and habits do exactly the contrary.

Exercise at home:

Exercising, done in the right amount and intensity, can be beneficial for your mind and also for your immune system. It is the easiest and best way to boost your good-feeling hormones. Therefore, if you are feeling down because of being closed at home, move!

Jump, dance, squat, you name it! You can do the exercise of your preference. Make it a challenge to adapt your previous workout to your home. Use your furniture to do bodyweight exercises and heavy items to do weights. You can also check the links at the end of this article if you want to build your home gym!

kettlebells set
Build your own Home Gym and move your body! You’ll feel better!

Start a new business:

There has not been a better time to think about your future career and finances. The world is changing, and this is a clear example of how vulnerable the world economy can be and therefore your finances.

Starting a new business is the smartest thing to do at the moment. Think about it, you have the time for it. If you put the time eventually, you can build a source of income that doesn’t depend on a “permanent” job and if you do it, you can be in control of your destiny.

And because it has to be from your home, the best option is Online Business! If you find this idea appealing, check this link:

Add your name and email and I will send you a Free Workshop to teach you how to create an Online Business from scratch from Home.

Spend time in the kitchen:

Because food is medicine, and we want to stay healthy, spending time in the kitchen is key. Plus, it can be a great way to entertain yourself and learn some new healthy recipes. Get creative and experiment.

Also, take your time and don’t rush through it. Make it a special moment to connect to your food and if you have a partner or kids, get them involved in the cooking process. This can be a great time to share and enjoy a good healthy meal.

Family Cooking
Cook with your kids! It is a great way to spent time together!

Decluttering, cleaning, and organizing:

Your environment is a huge contributor to your mental and physical health. And now that we are at home, making our home extra special makes complete sense.

Start by decluttering, take everything out from closets, drawers, and cabinets. Then, make two piles, the ones that will stay and the ones that will go. After you have selected the things, you want to keep clean and reorganize them.

The things you will let go, put them in boxes and bags and look for a good new home, donate or maybe resell them. This way you can always help somebody else in need.

If we stay focused on the good side of things and make the best out of this situation, we can come out with lots of accomplishments and with new feelings of achievement.

This can be a great time for refocusing our priorities, making new plans for the future and taking full control of our health and life. I don’t know about you, but I want to be in the driver’s seat of my life! I want to choose my destiny! And I want to live a life of purpose and happiness!

Until next time, stay healthy and stay strong!


Links to build a Home Gym:

P.S. If you need help to boost your health at this particular time, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m offering Free 15 min consultations to get you started on a Healthier Lifestyle path.

Green Smoothie for Kids

How to make your kids drink their greens?

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How to make your kids drink their greens?

It is not a surprise if your child is not keen on vegetables, especially the green bitter ones. Our 3-year-old girl is one of those.

As a Health Coach and health advocate taking care of my family’s nutrition has been priority number one. We always eat home unprocessed food, balanced and clean. I have tried masking vegetables on my daughter’s plate and have been successful with some recipes but never with the ones including greens.

Until we introduced her to the world of green smoothies.

Here is how we did it and I encourage you to try these tips and get your kids to drink their greens.

Use sweet fruits to mask the green’s taste

We like to use a combination of banana and apple or pear. Also, only banana works. If your child is a first timer avoid citric tastes like pineapple or berries unless he or she has had them before and you are sure they like them.

Use a power blender

You want to get your green smoothie as smooth as possible. Using a power blender like Vitamix will guarantee that. You don’t want your child to find some pieces of greenies in the smoothie. Especially the first times when he or she is getting used to it.

Use vanilla flavor protein powder

I don’t know about your child but sometimes our girl can be a bit difficult to eat her protein. So, adding some protein powder to the smoothie also helps to increase the protein intake. When you choose a protein powder make sure that it dissolves well. Usually, whey protein is the best option and less powdery.

Make sure it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners like aspartame or Sucralose. Ideally will be sweetened with stevia or other natural sources. And if you want to make sure it is a real clean quality product, I would recommend checking Garden of Life Grass Fed option. And if you prefer a plant-based option that dissolves well go with Vega Clean Protein Powder Vanilla.

Use some good fats to make it smooth

I like to use either avocado or coconut oil in our green smoothie. A great way to include good fats in your kid’s nutrition and also to make the smoothie smooth and soft. Neither option won’t alter the taste if you are using some sweeter fruits and vanilla protein powder.

Make it fun!

Our daughter loves to get involved in the process of making the smoothie. So, usually, she is there with me putting the ingredients in and turning on the blender.

And then when the smoothie is ready we play together to see who gets the biggest green mustaches and laugh at each other. After some days, she is the one who asks for the smoothie because wants to get the green mustaches. 

Family and green smoothie
Have fun and make your kids drink their greens!

With these tips, you can use any green that you want. I usually go with spinach and kale. They are the richest ones in vitamins and minerals and also quite bitter. But I have found that following the tips above the taste and consistency is perfect for any child’s age. And they will love it!

So, there it is! A very easy way to make your kids drink their greens. Give it a go and let me know how it went.

Also, if you need more guidance on how to improve your family’s nutrition and health please contact me and let me know what is your current situation.

And if you want to keep on improving your life in different areas and are interested in healthy lifestyle tips and tools, go ahead and sign in for my weekly newsletter here.

Until next time, enjoy your greens! (with your kids)


Lifestyle Entrepreneur

5 personality traits of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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In this post, I want to share with you the character traits that I believe are mandatory to build a successful Lifestyle Business. 

These traits are Courage, Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, Determination, and patience.

You will also find that developing these qualities in you will have positive effects in many other areas of your life; like your health, fitness, relationships, finances, and parenting.


Lifestyle Business

How to start a Lifestyle Business?

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I was 24 years old and I cried every Thursday evening. This usually was the day that it hit me. I came from work after 10 to 12 hours in the office and I was empty. I felt that I was selling my life to the “devil”. I was unfulfilled and couldn’t believe that my life would just work for the next 40 years. I tried to turn down the pain with drugs and alcohol, parties and sex. Just to realize that the next day I had to go back and sit in the office again!